June 11 - 13, 2021

Syracuse to Albany | 150+ Miles


We are assembling a small group (25 maximum) of active or veteran military personnel and dedicated athletes to comprise a core team of runners committed to a 3-day, 150+ mile tribute run from the Veterans and 9/11 Memorials at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse to the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in LaFayette Park in downtown Albany. The run has a specific timetable for each mile marker throughout each day. Runners need to be flexible, willing to run on any given day, and when needed. RAIN OR SHINE.

Runners will run approximately 2-4 miles between hero markers instead of stopping every mile due to safety concerns. The team will pull completely off the road at the 43 designated Hero Markers along the route, stopping to salute and give tribute by name to each fallen at the designated marker. The team will also greet family, friends, and comrades who may be waiting at the marker.

Each runner must be able to maintain an 8.5 to 9.5-minute mile for a minimum of 1 hour or 6 miles or longer. Core teams will rotate at designated exchanges along the route over the 3-day period. We are not looking for a number of runners, but a solid team dedicated to the remembrance of those who have fallen in service to our country. This route will be grueling at times because of the pace that must be maintained and the many hilly areas along the route.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our core team or wish to run any of the 150+ mile distance, contact Ryan Milton at or fill out our Contact Form.

Meet This Year's NEW YORK



I am proud and honored to be a member of NY Run for the Fallen family. Being a member of Team RWB Lehigh Valley has changed my life in so many positive ways and this run is just another example. Doing this run with my teammates, honoring our Fallen, humbles me to the core. I carry my own personal Hero on all my runs... My Nephew: SSG Brandon R Pepper - US Army (KIA 21 July 2012) Afghanistan, Ghazni Province. I run to honor. I run to remember. I run so they are NEVER forgotten.



It is a great honor to be a core runner for the NY Run for the Fallen. As a 23 year veteran and lifelong runner, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to participate. It will be an incredible experience to honor our Fallen Heroes and to pay tribute to the Gold Star families through this running event!



US Army Veteran, Airborne Infantry (1988-1996).  Proudly served with the 101st Airborne Division during Desert Shield/Storm with the Rakkasan's.  RFTF Core Runner since 2019..  I'm originally from Lexington Kentucky but after life in the military I needed something a little slower.  I'm proud to call Owensboro and western Kentucky home.  Running for these Fallen Heroes and Gold Star Families is the very least I can do to honor their sacrifice.  I try and do that everyday I can.  If I'm not working you can usually find me on the trails.  Having the ability to run is a blessing and a gift.



My brother is an army veteran, my uncle is an army veteran who was security over President Reagan, and my husband was Reserves Marine.
I’m a member of the RWB chapter in Fort Stewart/Savannah, we were informed there was a need for core runners for GA Run for the Fallen. The main purpose of my journey of running is to run for those who can’t. I immediately got information and signed up.
I participated in Run Across Georgia, so I felt this was similar. To my surprise nothing alike. I felt this run had so many emotions; honor( to run for those names), happiness(to be surrounded by so many people with heart in this run), and sadness( seeing those gold star members). With these emotions, it made the 1 miles harder than normal. It made the miles more meaningful, and respected. This run meant so much to me and my friend that we jumped on the opportunity to core run for NY Run for the Fallen. The connections with the core runners will last forever and excited to embark on the next event.




Deb Green 1


My father served 4 years in the Marines and 32 years in the Coast Guard. My husband served from 1989-2001 in the Army and re-enlisted in the Army Guard Reserve since 2017. Our son is currently serving in the Air Force. Doing this run is my way of honoring the service of those who have paid the ultimate price, and their family members. I love running races with my flag for Team RWB, the conversations it starts with people really get them thinking about our service men and women. It is an honor to be a part of the team, running along side some amazing people wanting to Honor our Fallen Heroes.



It is an honor to run for my fallen Comrades and connect with their Gold Star Families.

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I’m a civilian who’s been running for myself for several years until I heard about NYRFTF.  I’m so honored to run for the fallen soldiers who gave so much.  This is my third year as a core runner and I am proud to be part of the team.

L. Hammont


This is my first year as a core runner on the NYRFTF team. Although I am not a veteran, I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our servicemembers and their families. Two of my brothers are currently serving, one in the Air National Guard, with the 109th Airlift Wing in Scotia, NY, and one in the Army, with the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, KY.

I am a proud member of Team RWB Albany and the Capital Region Nordic Alliance; I strive to support our nation’s veterans to the best of my ability through my involvement with both organizations. I am a law student at Albany Law School and hope to pursue a career as a Judge Advocate General upon graduation. I am incredibly honored by this opportunity to run for those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom.




I am joining the team for the first time this year. Being outside and active is my favorite. I enjoy hiking, biking (road and mountain), running, swimming, cross country skiing and is still deciding about snowboarding. My husband is a retired US Army CSM and many of my family members have a military affiliation to include an older brother who is retired Army and another brother currently in the Army serving with Special Forces. I have two boys, Ephram who is thirteen and Seeley who is eleven. Most importantly, I run to honor the memory of my brother, SFC Ethan Carpenter, who died in a free-fall training accident in Arizona on March 15, 2019. He was an Army Ranger. I am thankful for the opportunity to Run and Remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and pay respect to them and their families left behind.




I was born and raised in Albany, NY.  I graduated from Colonie Central High School and Siena College and spent the next 20 years in many locations worldwide as an Army spouse.  I settled in Georgia about 24 years ago.  That is now considered home.  I did not begin my running journey until I turned 50 years old, and it quickly became a huge part of my life.  I ran my first 5k and was hooked.  I ran my first marathon 8 months later and now have run many, including the last 4 Boston Marathons.  My husband Phillip and I own a run specialty store in Savannah, GA called Howe2Run.  This is a hub for our local "run family".  I am an Athletic Director for Team RWB Fort Stewart/Savannah and enjoy organizing run events for our team and the local run community. This is how I was introduced to the Georgia Run for the Fallen last year.  We were asked to send 3 team members to the inaugural run.  I gladly agreed, since I am the proud Mom of a US Marine ( my son) as well as a Law Enforcement Officer (my daughter).  I had no idea how much the run would mean to me, but I quickly discovered that it would move me like no other run that I have ever done.  It meant so much that I ran the South Carolina Run for the Fallen a month later.  Since my roots are in New York, I feel that being part of the NYRFTF is the perfect fit!!!  I will continue to participate and be a visible representative for Honor and Remember.




I live in a small town in upstate New York. I currently work for NYS at a Center for Intensive Treatment as I pursue my degree in criminal justice to become a NYS parole
officer. I have no children so my pets are my kids. I have.a pit bull named Brockway, a cat named
Frankenstein, a horse named Ebony and several hard shell friends in an aquarium. I love to fish, read,
run, spend time with family and whatever else pops into my head. I’m quite spontaneous. I split my
runs between representing Team TWB or NYRFTF/Honor and Remember. I was recruited by Jim
Carrabba to run for the NYRFTF by fate. It happened to be after a 9/11 race (definitely fate) and I was
looking at photos of it on a local running fb page and I recognized Jim. I commented and it was said if I
could keep up with “Steady Jim” then I should run in June with the family that is NYRFTF. I did and never
looked back. This will be my third year running as a core runner and I cannot express how much my life
has changed. Not only has it opened my eyes to the many sacrifices those of our country make but how
too often they go unrecognized. I am honored to be a part of this Mission and will continue to be until
the Lord tells my body I no longer can be.




I have enjoyed running since junior high school.  My father encouraged me to run and has been an inspiration since. Running introduced me to great people, joining in the Run for the Fallen & Ragnar team relays.  I am grateful this is my 2nd year to honor the sacrifice of fallen soldiers and their families.
My father served in the US Army.  I was honored to run the Orange County Classic 15K in memory of my father-in law, who retired after 20 years serving in the Navy & US Coast Guard during Vietnam & the Korean War.




Navy Veteran 2001-2005, Helicopter Electrician. Currently in research and development for pharmaceuticals. Operation Enduring Warrior Community Ambassador and training for the Masked Athlete Team. Run with RWB out of Syracuse. Play rugby in Binghamton and practice Jiu Jitsu in Sidney. Volunteer at Wolf Mountain Nature Center.




I live with my wife and two children in Saratoga Springs. I joined the Air Force in 2002 and served 6 years. I currently serve full time in the Air National guard, with the 109th Airlift Wing in Scotia, NY. I'm also a proud member of Team RWB, where we bring veterans together with the community through physical and social activities. Running has been my passion for many years and I'm thrilled to be able to use running to pay tribute to our brave Heroes. It's an extraordinary honor to be chosen to participate in the NY Run For The Fallen.



Matt Pietryka

This is my second year as a core runner. I love the mission and purpose of the run and the belief that no hero should ever be forgotten. The idea of being able to run in honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice inspires and motivates me to give life its all every single day. I am honored to have the privilege to run for those who cannot and continue to spread their legacy and remembrance. I am a Freshman at Norwich University where I participate in AFROTC and currently live in New Hartford,




As a Canadian living in New York State, I feel it is my duty to Honor our service men and women who lost their lives to protect this great nation. I'm a proud member of Team RWB Buffalo and wear the Eagle with pride. As an Eagle, running along side fellow Eagles is truly epic. I hope to reach our goal with your help. Team RWB is more than a Veteran's organization, it's a family. Please help us to reach our goal, supporting the families who have lost a loved one.



This is my second year running with the NYRFTF team. I love our country and all those who have fought, served, and fallen to defend it. This run is an opportunity for me to give thanks to those who protect us every day and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.



I was introduced to NYRFTF through friends at Team RWB/Syracuse chapter.  This will be my first year supporting the organization and I am honored to have the privilege to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  I am an Air Force veteran, retired as of December 2017.  I spent six years on Active Duty and after a six-year break in service spent 14 years as a full-time member in the NY Air National Guard at the Eastern Air Defense Sector.  I am currently a Junior ROTC instructor at Rome Free Academy in Rome NY.  I have three children.  My oldest son is graduating high school this year and his sister and brother are only a year behind.  (Yes, twins and yes, I will have three in college at the same time.)




Though not a Veteran myself, as life goes on,  I appreciate more and more the sacrifices that have been made by our brave men and women in our armed forces.
I was introduced to the NY Run for The Fallen by a good Friend, Jim Carrabba (also a core runner).  Running these miles, Honoring and Remembering
those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, and on behalf of freedom seeking people around the world, have been the MOST meaningful
miles I have ever, or will ever run.
Picture- John Walston


I am honored and blessed to participate in this amazing tribute to our Fallen Heros.  As a civilian, I have the utmost respect for our Military and the everyday sacrifices that they choose to make for our Country.  As a first-year runner, I am thankful that I can run for those who are not able to and that I can support the Gold Star Families.